Blissful Beauty Ayurvedic Marma Facelift

By Dr. Jim Pace
Ayurvedic Practitioner,
Educator & Author

Yoga + Herbs proudly presents Blissful BeautyDay.  Blissful Beautyis a unique facial beauty system using light touch, pure aromas, mantra (divine sound), marma (energy points), and herbal extracts to pamper your skin and face with nature’s intelligence.  In as little as 15 minutes this facial system will reveal your inner glow while totally relaxing your mind and opening your heart!

How it Works: Blissful Beauty reveals the beauty of all five levels by enhancing the reception and flow of prana (life energy) to the face via the mystical “energy points” called marma.  Marmas are energy points on the face and body activated through touch.  They are “switches” that turn-on and enhance the universal energy.  Although it cannot be seen, Prana has a prabha (glow) that can be visibly noticed.  The incredible results of Blissful Beautycome from the fact that it brings more Prana and its beautiful light to the face.  You will literally glow from within!

What Others Are Saying: “Thanks Jim…you won’t believe it but my husband and my son both said I look so relaxed and so much brighter…I feel great…THANK YOU SO MUCH!”  Asha S., NJ.    “I totally enjoyed his energy.  It just consumed me and I think that set the tone for a more meditative state.  His touch was so slight but very powerful.  That night I still saw a younger me in the mirror and my outlook has been very different since.  Very upbeat and positive.  I would do it again.”  Jen, PA. Blissful

15 minutes for $20
30 minutes for $35
By Appointment Only

Marlboro Plaza, Intersection of Rte 9 and Rte 520 in Marlboro, NJ 07726
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Yoga with Hand Drumming

and alternate weeks:

Bach to Rock Yoga Sessions

Saturdays 4pm – 5pm

With Yogini Nadine Poveromo

 Drumming By: Basha Alperine & Gary Mennie

 Come Rock Out with US!

Some yoga experience required.


This is a class with two live hand drummers and minimal instruction! The rhythmic sounds of the drums are soft and meditative that will lead you into a mantra beat.

 Be Free and Have Fun

 On alternating weeks we we’ll bliss out to music ranging from contemporary Bollywood to The Who and ending in a well deserved savasana to popular soft rock.


Members can use their Class Cards or Memberships

Nonmembers – $18

Marlboro Plaza, Intersection of Rte 9 and Rte 520 in Marlboro, NJ 07726
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Taught by Corinne Zupko, EdS, MA, CPC
You are warmly invited by Yoga Plus Herbs to take a step towards more peace in your life. By using your inherent abilities, you can learn to direct your mind to the wholeness of the present moment. Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is an 8-week course, scientifically shown to improve health and well-being.

Participants have reported:

• Reduction in anxiety, stress levels and physical ailments
• Increased skills in relaxation
• Enhanced ability to manage chronic pain
• Greater passion for life
• Growth in self-esteem and empowerment

What you get:

• Nine classes total
– 7 (two-hour) classes
– One double class (4 hours) for extended practice
• Guided mindfulness CD’s
• Participant workbook
• Daily techniques to integrate course content into your life
• Personalized instructions


Tues., June, 14, 6-8pm*
Tues., June, 21, 6-8pm
Tues., June, 28, 6-8pm
Tues., July, 5, 6-8pm
Tues., July, 12, 6-8pm
Tues., July, 19, 5-9pm**
Tues., July, 26, 6-8pm
Tues., Aug., 2., 6-8pm

* This is a FREE orientation session OPEN TO ALL and REQUIRED for course participants. Preregistration required.
**Double session, 5pm – 9pm

Cost: $500 (register by May 31st for 10% off cost)
Option of 3 easy payments: $175, $175, $150

Health Insurance may reimburse you for this program! Contact your provider.

FAQs about this course

Marlboro Plaza, Intersection of Rte 9 and Rte 520 in Marlboro, NJ 07726
t: 732-617-2020 e: info@yogaplusherbs.com w: http://www.yogaplusherbs.com

Summer is here…

This is the time of year when everyone becomes more health conscious and fitness oriented in an effort to “shape-up for summer.”

Yoga + Herbs is excited to kick off our Student Summer Special!

Offer available to all students
If you are a student you can take:


NOTE: Certain evening classes are excluded from this offer.
Valid Student Identification must be presented to register.
This is a limited time offer available for the first 100 Students.

Marlboro Plaza, Intersection of Rte 9 and Rte 520 in Marlboro, NJ 07726
t: 732-617-2020 e: info@yogaplusherbs.com w: http://www.yogaplusherbs.com


Father’s Day Specials

Father’s Day is right around the corner, June 19th. There’s no better way to show your Father, Husband, Grandfather, Uncle, Friend or Father Figure that he is loved and appreciated than with a relaxing, rejuvenating service at Yoga + Herbs. We are offering some great packages that he is sure to enjoy!  Father’s also feel free to treat yourself, because you deserve it!

Options for yoga package: 
– 10 Class Card for $100 (savings of $50)
– 3 Months Unlimited for $330 (savings of $120)

Spa/Ayurvedic Services:
Father’s time out:

– Any Massage of $75 Value for ONLY $60

– One Hour Reiki Session ONLY $45

Gift Certificates are available for all denominations.

Also, all Father’s who currently practice at Yoga + Herbs can bring another father who doesn’t currently practice at our studio (either a friend or your own father) to come try any yoga class with you on the house through over Father’s Day weekend.


w: yogaplusherbs.com | p: 732.617.2020 | e: info@yogaplusherbs.com


Unique Seminar-N-Workshop

Mondays 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Generalized Fatigue

First Workshop Monday, June 6th

Do you experience TATT (tired all the time), Fatigue, stressed due to overwork? This Seminar–n-Workshop will help you to know the causes, and effective ways to manage generalized fatigue based on the combined wisdoms of Authentic Yoga, Ayurveda and Herbals. Master Teacher Acharya Girish Jha will show how simple, easy, effective practices can help manage generalized fatigue.

Sleep Disorders

Second Workshop Monday, June 13th

Sleep is one of most common problems of modern life style. Sleep is natural if secrets of Authentic Yoga, Ayurveda are understood and applied properly in one’s life. Master Teacher Acharya Girish Jha will present a deeper understanding of Sleep problems and its solution based on combined wisdom of Authentic Yoga, Ayurveda, Herbs and Science. Acharya Girish Jha will demonstrate easy, simple and effective practices for managing sleep problems.

Rest, Relaxation and Peace

Third Workshop Monday, June 20th

Are you suffering from Anxiety, Anger and Agitation (3A), Stress and Stress Induced Disorders, Tired All The Time (TATT)? Modern man needs rest, relaxation and peace that pervade physical, mental, emotional levels. Master Teacher Acharya Girish Jha will talk, train in easy and simple practices from Authentic Yoga Tradition. He will also talk about herbs and other traditional remedies for relaxation that can be applied in one daily life.



  • Inner Peace, Rest and Relaxation
  • Mental Peace and Emotional Poise
  • Increased Performance and……

Look younger, feel better!

Fourth Workshop Monday, June 27th

Face lift without surgery! This two and half – hour workshop, conducted by Master Teacher Acharya Girish Jha from the Himalayas, will teach you effective practices to reduce wrinkles, sagging jaws and more. He also will reveal Ayurvedic herbal secrets and teach you a powerful instant relaxation technique.

$50 Per Person for Each Workshop

Pre-Registration Required

Master Teacher Acharya Girish Jha holds a Bachelor’s and   Post Graduate degree in Yoga and Modern Science from the University of Delhi, besides certificates, diplomas and other degrees in Yoga, Yoga Philosophy, nature Cure, and Certified Professional Counselor from APA (American Psychotherapy Association). Recently, his name has been mentioned in the WHO’s Who Marquis. Hundreds of Himalayan Masters have mentored him for 30 years in different esoteric disciplines of Yoga, Tantra, and Spirituality. His extensive knowledge of yoga, yoga philosophy, world religions, modern science and ancient texts and scriptures lead him to be awarded the high degree of Acharya. His unique background allowed him to create a vast number of yoga programs. Acharya Girish worked for 25 years with the government of India in management, research, education, and administration. He has also taught 70,000 people in countries around the world individually and in groups.   Based on his many years of research, he created the New Paradigm of Living (NPL) that combines scientific findings with the wisdom of Yoga and spirituality. NPL aims at managing and preventing stress and anger, improving relationships and creating a physical and psychological balance.


92 US Hwy 9 North, Marlboro Plaza Intersection of Rt 9 & Rt 520, Marlboro, NJ

[t]732.617.2020   [w]www.yogaplusherbs.com   [e] info@yogaplusherbs.com

Yotox Workshop

Saturday, June 18th
2:30pm – 4:00pm
By Yogini Doree Nissenblatt
$20 Per Person Preregistration
$25 Per Person At The Door

Learn how to Energize, Rejuvenate, and Tone your Face and Neck muscles in this new and invigorating workshop. In the Yotox practice, the combination of unique yogic exercises, applied acupressure, and stimulating essential oils will be the formula to “lift” both ones inner peace and outer balance. Come experience this tried and true natural practice to stimulate and strengthen your face and neck appearance.

 Let Us Enjoy the Journey Together!

w: yogaplusherbs.com | p: 732.617.2020 | e: info@yogaplusherbs.com